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Hi readers,

You are welcome to Nivesh-Shakti - it is a medium that helps you achieve your financial goals, you can earn profits by investing in shares and other mediums or instruments and above all it is important that you understand the right way to achieve your goals.

This website, which I started this year in 2020, has included written experiences of my investment journey of my life in it. Through this website, I want to tell you how you can take the right investment decisions at the right time.

If you are looking for the right thinking, the right mindset and such a process that can make you successful by investing for a long time, then I can tell you that this Nivesh-Shakti is the right place for you. I am not saying that I can give you answers to all your questions because for me too much has yet to be learned. But I am very happy that what I have learned from my experience, I will share with you through Nivesh-Shakti.

I am not a finance professional or expert nor have I worked in any financial organization or company. So I want to tell you that the posts written in this website are written by a blogger and not by an expert professional.

If you are looking for professional advice, then I want to tell you that many good advisors and expert professionals are present in the market, you can take advice from them, but I would like to tell you that Nivesh-Shakti is not the right place for this.

And if you want to learn from my experiences, then please subscribe to it and for that type your email address and submit. My new written articles will be share with you through email for free.

Before I finish, I would like to tell you that what is not Nivesh-Shakti. My articles are only for those who are interested in value investing which is done by investing for a long time. Value investing is a slow but sensible process of becoming rich.

This website has nothing for those people who are looking for strategies to make quick money in the share market. And if you leave your quest to earn money quickly from the stock market, then come back here, the Nivesh-Shakti will help you to succeed in the share market.

Now I just want to finish by saying that I am with you not only as a guide but also as a friend, which will help you to start your investment journey and keep it running smoothly.

I will try to respond to emails from all of you on time (but sometimes it can be very difficult to do that on time because of the popularity of this blog - I am sorry for that). I love to work hard and help others.

You can contact me at niveshshaktii@gmail.com and tell me what you want to say about this initiative I have taken and you can also tell me if you have any suggestions to improve it.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and many best wishes for your journey of success in investing and becoming a successful investor.

With Respect,

Team Nivesh-Shakti


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